Our Costs and Services

Tier Two - Open Work Stations. Work stations are open and available on a first-come basis on any day:




Copier Costs:

Black & White copies: 0.25/each page

Color copies: 1.25/each page 

Scanner Costs:

0.25/each page (B&W or Color)

Fax Costs:

Outbound: Cost of Call plus 0.15/each page             Inbound: 0.25/each page

Secretarial and Logistical Assistance:

These services can be provided on an as needed basis. Tell us what you need and we'll promptly price those services for you or place you in touch with folks who can assist you.

Tier One - Private Work Stations for your exclusive use: Ample storage, work surfaces, file cabinets:   $350.00/month